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Marathon Coaching Package

Achieve your Marathon and ½ Marathon race goals with the HPU Marathon Package; we are using our combined expertise to provide you with the optimal preparation for your marathon performance.


Sports Science Testing

Sport science testing helps athletes identify strengths and weaknesses and measure how their bodies respond to different training stimuli. For the last ten years we have been helping athletes of all levels achieve more by the application of sports science testing and support. more


Schools HPU lab sessions provide an opportunity for college and sixth form students to apply their sport science knowledge in a practical lab environment. The HPU also offers sessions for aspiring athletes to participate in exercise tests with individual feedback.



For all athletes getting the dietary intake right can mean performance gains, improved recovery and better racing, especially in endurance events like Ironman triathlon. Clients range from world ranked athletes to weekend warriors. 


Long Distance Triathlon Packages

Take advantage of our long distance triathlon support package unrivalled in the expertise, experience, equipment and detail in which you are provided with. A comprehensive package that delivers on a multitude of fronts well-beyond that available elsewhere.


Bike Fitting

Our Retul 3D motion capture bike fitting system uses infra-red LEDS placed on the rider at specific biomechanical reference points. A 3D scanner measures the location of each LED 29 times per second giving accuracy to within a millimetre.  


Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon Coaching ensures you get the most out of training and is recommended for anyone who wants to perform to their optimum. Whatever your goals we can help you to use your time effectively, finding a  lifestyle balance that makes your training life-enhancing.  





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